The following weekends will be used as "Major Maintenance" windows during the 2017-2018 academic year:

Fall 2017:

  • August 19th - 20th (Sat-Sun)
  • September 16th - 17th (Sat-Sun)       (no home football game)
  • October 14th - 15th (Sat-Sun)            (home football game vs. Rutgers)
  • November 11th - 12th (Sat-Sun)        (home football vs. Indiana)
  • December 28th - 29th (Thu-Fri)    (reduced service days)

Spring 2018:

  • January 6th - 6th (Sat - Sun)
  • February 17th - 18th (Sat - Sun)
  • March 17th - 18th (Sat - Sun)     (first weekend of Spring Break)
  • April 21th - 22nd (Sat - Sun)
  • May 19th - 20th (Sat - Sun)
  • June 16th -17th  (Sat - Sun)
  • July 21th - 22nd (Sat - Sun)
  • August 18th - 19th  (Sat - Sun)

Major maintenance is work that will require servers or services to be down for several hours in order to do work such as patching and upgrades.  The exact times of expected service outages will be announced at least 3 days prior to the major maintenance window.  These times will reflect our expectation of how long it will take to do the work, but should typically be between 9am and 1pm Saturday and also 9am to 1pm Sunday (if needed).

Additionally, there will be periods of time between semesters where Infrastructure will apply upgrades and changes to services during the work week in preparation for the next semester.  These weeks, sometimes called "High Change" weeks are as follows:

Fall 2017: Aug 12 - Aug 20
Spring 2018: Dec 26, 2017 - Jan 4, 2018
Summer 2018: May 19 - June 3

Dates near Finals weeks are considered "Low Change" periods and are times where no major changes to services will be made.  All maintenance will be delayed where possible and pushed to maintenance windows otherwise.  Infrastructure's "Low Change" dates, which are similar to Technology Services'  "No Change" periods but do not match exactly, are as follows:

Fall 2017: December 14th - December 23rd
Spring 2018: May 3rd - May 22nd
Summer 2018: August 1st - August 5th