Unit Security Contact (USC)


University of Illinois administrative applications require a Unit Security Contact (USC) to be responsible for the authorizing, requesting, and maintenance of access. Engineering IT can fulfill this role of USC for units within the College of Engineering. USCs are designated by the Dean, Director, or Department Head of a unit.


Any administrative application that requires a USC to request access on behalf of the requestor.


Engineering IT will provide a primary USC as well as at least one (1) backup USC.
The USC will perform the followings duties for units within the College of Engineering:

  • Submission of new or change access requests for University administrative applications.
  • Provide locations of University, Campus, and Unit Information Security policies to clients of this service.
  • Maintenance of the Information Compliance Form required by Section VI.d of the Unit Security Contact Program and Policies.
  • Annually audit client unit’s user access to administrative applications.
  • Serve as the main contact for AITS Security on behalf of the unit.

Engineering IT can also provide only a backup USC for a primary USC located in the a unit.

Available To

The Unit Security Contact Service is available to units within the College of Engineering.

Service Hours

Supported Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm on University Business Days. Initial response to Unit Security Contact requests will be within one business day; completion of the request will vary depending on the type of request and processing time from AITS and other relevant approving units.

Support Contacts

For support or requests please contact engrit-help [at] illinois.edu.


Current costs for service can be found on the service fees page. Providing backup-only USC service is 1/4 the cost of providing primary USC service.

Service Terms

The unit requesting access from the Engineering IT Unit Security Contact must be willing to agree to the following terms:

  • Initial requests for access changes must
    1. Be submitted by the supervisor of the employee who needs the access
    2. Include the NetID and UIN of the employee needing access.
    3. Include the administrative application modules and security profiles the employee needs access to. This may require consultation with the USC.
  • A request for an administrative application must go through several approval steps outside the College of Engineering, and completion time of requests can vary accordingly.
  • Some administrative applications require additional statements of justification and/or additional training. (Example: Student data and FERPA training)
  • The Engineering IT Unit Security Contact is responsible for all aspects of access to administrative applications, and as such, is required to audit requesting units annually to keep appropriate access and security rights in accordance with Section VI.i of the Unit Security Contact Program and Policies.
  • All users of administrative applications must complete the Information Compliance Form at the request of the USC. The USC is required to obtain and maintain this form.
  • Engineering IT must be notified when users (faculty, staff, students) who have administrative application access leave the unit so that the USC can properly terminate the access.
  • Changes to the primary USC require the approval of the dean, director, or department head of a unit.  Changes to the backup USC can be requested by the primary USC.
  • If Engineering IT is providing only backup USC, Engineering IT will only fulfill access requests when the in-unit primary is not available. All other aspects of the USC responsibilities (such as audits) remain with the in-unit primary USC.

Service Inquiries

For further information, please contact:


Units Engineering IT is currently primary Unit Security Contact for:

  • Engineering Administration
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Applied Research Institute
  • Biological Engineering
  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Engineering IT Shared Services
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
  • Office of International Research Relations
  • Siebel Center for Design
  • Technology Entrepreneur Center

To find USCs for other departments, please find the primary on the AITS USC page.

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