Data Reporting and Analysis


Information Services provide data reporting and analysis services across various information systems to support the information needs of the College of Engineering.


Reports consist of University–owned information contained within available data warehouses.


The Information Services division can:

  • Create custom reports to fulfill ad hoc requests, covering the full range of administrative data from external, college, departmental, student, alumni, and foundation sources.
  • Develop policy studies relating directly to student performance, instructional load, faculty and personnel data and evaluations, and budget projections.
  • Harvest and analyze information from the institutional data sources to facilitate various processes and activities, (e.g. end-of-semester processing; surveys from ASEE and US News, faculty teaching summaries, age/salary plots).
  • Develop and run standard cyclical reports from various University data sources for financial and academic purposes.
  • Perform business process analysis and design new processes to improve operational efficiency.
  • Manage the development and maintenance of data standards for College systems including data flow, audit and reporting standards and data education. As necessary, they can facilitate discussions with other University offices, outside agencies, and vendors to define standards.

Available to

Departments, units, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering. Not all information is available to all individuals.

Service Hours

Requests will receive a response within one business day, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding University holidays.

New Service Requests/Support Contacts

Email:  engrit-analytics [at]


This service is provided by the College of Engineering at no cost to the requestor.

Service Terms

Users of this service agree to the following:

  • Several regulations determine the sensitivity levels of certain data that is to be shared with other individuals either within or outside of College of Engineering.
  • Reports may not be available to all possible requestors.
  • Further administrative approval is required on special projects.
  • The time to resolution depends on the complexity of the report requested as well as how many reports have been requested at the same time across the college.

Service Inquiries

engrit-analytics [at]

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